Hello World! #STRIDEEDIT is hereee…

No one ever has all the answers, so a lot of times, especially when it comes to the newness of a journey, a venture, we make a move afraid. 

STRIDE marks the newness of a long awaited journey for SOUP.

For this debut edit (collection), SOUP explores the story of her ideal woman walking in her purpose. This #SOUPaWOMAN despite the challenges life brings her way and fear of the unknown,  forges ahead making her STRIDES one step at a time. 

She is liberated and dresses to her own tune, she’s unapologetic about her style as she goes about her everyday business.

The STRIDE EDIT also draws inspiration from the peacock bird in all its color & glory, and it embodies self awareness. It’s about personal strength, growth and belief in ones self regardless of what anyone else thinks!

Incorporated in this edit are everyday essentials to help elevate your basics, bold colors and sleeves, cuffs, slits, to work wear silhouettes with a subtle sexy vibe, to effortless multifunctional pieces you can style in various ways, which makes this edit versatile and very transitional for the #SOUPaWOMAN 

The STRIDE EDIT has been mindfully created for the ideal #SOUPaWOMAN who is unapologetic, bold, confident, exotic and sexy.

SOUP………Always Chic!



Brand @soup.rtw

Models @arniesoupaxtar @nmaokorie.esq

Styling, set design and creative direction @arniesoupaxtar

Photography @magicfinger_media

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